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Inflatable Water Slides – Best Slip and Slides of 2020

When I was a kid there was no such thing as inflatable water slides or at least not from where I’m from.
The water slides come in all different shapes and sizes, and some can take up a lot of garden space so that is one thing to think about. They can be used on grass, or even combined with an inflatable swimming pool. Below we showcase some of the top rated inflatable water slides.

Built to Last

The inflatable water slides are usually constructed with thick PVC materials which make these durable and built to last.

Some are very spacious, such as the one in the image with a length of 16ft and is probably the only limitation with water slides. Ideally, you would want to use one of these on a slope but level ground works fine.

Things to look out for with inflatable water slides.

  • Water hose connection – you want one that can easily connect to a water hose to prevent any frustration.
  • Water coverage – some water slides don’t provide enough water coverage, this is one thing to look for when buying.
  • Material – PVC, thicker the better.

How Much does a water slide cost? Well it depends on your budget but we have highlighted some of our favourites below.

Best Inflatable Water SlideSuperslide by WOW Sports

The WOW sports water slide is our favourite for a number of reasons which we will discuss – its huge.

As we mentioned how important water coverage is, this slide covers the whole slope using a zig zag spray sprinkler system.

It is created using an heavy duty PVC material, thicker than most on the market currently.

Though the most impressive feature is its connection system as it can be connected or extended with other WOW giant slides.

WOW Sports Super Slide


  • Great Water Coverage
  • Thick PVC Material
  • Customisable


  • Very Spacious

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Best Budget Water Slide Banzai Triple Racer

On a tight budget? If so we recommend this 16ft water slide which also comes with 3 bodyboards.

With its 3 seperate lanes, it provides hours of fun as you race each other down the slope.

inflatable water slides

The only flaw we found here is that the water doesn’t splash as high as shown in the image.

Banzai Triple Racer


  • Affordable on a Budget
  • Comes with 3 body boards
  • Easy Inflated


  • Water Coverage not the best
  • Lane width a little narrow for 3

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do i clean inflatable water slides or other toys?

A: We recommend clearing off any dirt, using either warm water or a garden hose. Then you can wash it with a vinyl cleaner.

Q: Can it be used without water ?

A: Yes of course, something like socks and sweatpants will be ok. Though water is much more fun.

Q: Are these water slides dangerous?

A: As with anything you should take precautions but the risks of injury are minimal if used in a sensible manner.

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