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The best Inflatable Kiddie Pools of 2020

As the weather heats up, it’s important to stay cool and inflatable kiddie pools are great for the children. We have discussed and showcased some swimming pools for adults but these are not really as safe as pools designed for kiddies.

How safe are Inflatable kiddie pools?

As with any swimming pools, safety precautions should be taken especially with children. And even though kiddies pools are usually shallow, it’s still enough to be a danger.

Remember to:

  • Always supervise Children – Even if they are swimmers
  • Always drain the pool after use
  • Clean often – germs can spread easily in swimming pools.

Best Kiddies Pools

There are many to choose from by many different brands, and we have handpicked some of our favourites.

1 – Taylor Toy Snapset Swimming Pool for Kids

Perfect for the young ones to cool off in the summer, this baby and toddler pool is just the right size.

  • Easy to fill up and drain.
  • 59 Gallon Capacity with a size of 47 inches diameter with a depth of 10 inches.

2 – VRZTLAI Family Inflatable Swimming Pool

One for the children and parents, this swimming pool is spacious enough for the whole family. Unlike most inflatable kiddie pools, this one has a 0.4mm thick bottomed bladder which helps prevent children from falling.

  • Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • 312 gallon capacity with a size of 120×72 inches and a depth of 22 inches.
  • Also ideal to be used indoors, as a ball pit, toy pool, etc.

3 – Watermelon Kiddie Pool

This fun pool with its eye-catching design is great for the backyard or taking to the beach. It is also easy to inflate due to having 3 valves and just as easy to deflate and store away.

  • Can be also used as a sand pit or ball pit.
  • Size is 45 inches in diameter with a depth of 10.5 inches.


Inflatable Kiddie pools are a great way to get your young ones acclimated to the water and ready for swimming. They are safe to use as long as you remember to supervise at all times.

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