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Inflatable Hot Tub Maintenance – Keeping your Hot Tub in the Best Condition

Over recent years, inflatable hot tubs have become increasingly popular and one of the most highly sought items for the outdoors. However, there is a lot to think about for new owners, from positioning, running costs, and hot tub maintenance.

Hot Tub Placement

Hot tubs can be placed pretty much anywhere outdoors, and even indoors if the location is practical. Though there are some things we recommend with positioning.

  • 1 – Don’t place on Grass: The question gets asked regularly, “Can I put a hot tub on grass”. Well, it all depends on the hot tub specifications primarily the weight of the hot tub. Hot tubs require a stable surface and grass cannot provide that, especially if it rains and the ground softens.
  • 2 – Place in the Shade: It might seem like a good idea right? To place out in sunlight for extra heat. Well, it isn’t, and you can relax much more comfortably out of the sun. Also try to position away from any wind where possible, as the wind can blow and cool down the water quicker.
  • 3 – Easy Access: Be sure to place your hot tub in a place easily accessible for many reasons including easier maintenance, filling, and draining.

Ideal Location

On a flat surfaced patio with easy access, shade and privacy. Also insulate the bottom if possible – you can purchase an insulated ground mat for this.

Hot Tub Maintenance and Money Saving Tips

Maintaining your inflatable hot tub regurlarly will help ensure you keep any running costs down where possible, prevent any damage and keep it in mint condition for as long as possible.

1 – Keeping the Hot tub Covered: A simple one, but when not using the hot tub place the cover on. Not only will it keep the water hot longer incase you want to use later in the day, but it also keeps out leaves/insects and is a potential water hazard if left uncovered. Most hot tubs come with an insulated cover and will help keep the heat in longer.

2 – Initially fill up with Hot Water: Where possible, fill up first with hot water instead of relying on the heater to heat up cold water. It is most often cheaper to do this.

3 – Don’t overfill: Just like with a bath, don’t fill more than you need. We recommend setting it to the minimum fill line whenever necessary.

4 – Cleaning: Sanitising products is something you are gonna need to buy often to keep your hot tub clean and bacteria-free. Hot water is the perfect place for all types of germs so keeping your hot tub sanitized regularly is important. The most popular choices here are either Chlorine or Bromine.

5 – Monitor Bills: You will likely see an increase in your utility bills after regular use of a hot tub, but with close monitoring, you can help to reduce these whenever you see spikes. Your inflatable hot tub electricity bill doesn’t have to be a problem.


It happens to everyone at some point, either through wear and tear, accidental damage or just faulty parts. Here are some repair tips and what to look out for.

Punctures: Any inflatable is susceptible to a puncture but this is something that can usually be fixed yourself. The first thing to rule out is the air valve, check there are no issues here first by applying water to the valve.

Identify the puncture using a solution of soapy water, spraying over the suspected area which will form bubbles where the puncture is.

Most hot tubs come with patches but if not you can get a repair kit fairly cheap.

No Heating: If your hot tub fails to heat up water, it’s likely the heating element which unfortunately will need replacing.

Water Jet Problems: First turn the jets to ensure they are wide open and check for any debris or clogging that has occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is some of the most common asked question related to inflatable hot tubs. If there is something else you are unsure about, drop us a comment and we will do our best to provide an answer.

Q: how long can you stay in a hot tub

A: There is no nailed on the answer to how long you can stay in for. We recommend sessions of around 15 to 45 Minutes. After all, you can always go back in later on. Keep the hot tub cover on and should keep the temperature warm for a while.

Q: how long does it take a hot tub to heat up

A: Most people like to maintain their water temperature over long periods of time, which is ideal especially for frequent use. Heating up from scratch, however, does take a bit of time and a typical hot tub can heat up the water around 3 degrees an hour. This all depends though on the water temperature to start with.


Q: Is a hot tub good for a Cold?

A: A common question gets asked often is if a hot tub can cure or help with a common cold or flu. Well it can’t cure it but it can help with symptoms and provide temporary relief. The steam from the hut tub can help clear your nose and mucus.

Q: How to keep a hot tub from freezing?

A: It is a good question and even though most people deflate and bring in their inflatable hot tub during the winter, not everyone does. Letting your hot tub freeze can potentially end up costing a lot of money to repair. Keep your hot tub covered and drain when not using over long periods of time.


We hope you have found some of this information on hot tub maintenance useful, and ensure you keep your hot tub running to the highest of standards.

If you are reading this and still haven’t decided which hot tub to get, check out our article on the 4 best inflatable hot tubs of 2020 recommended by us.

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