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Inflatable Bathtub – Detail and Buyers Guide

Everyone likes a nice relaxing bath now and again, and how better to do it than in an Inflatable Bathtub.

With an inflatable one, you aren’t restricted to the bathroom and can set up wherever you like. Whether its the backyard or on vacation, or maybe you don’t have a bathtub? I’ve seen houses recently just with a shower only.

Why buy an Inflatable Bathtub ?


Unlike traditional baths, inflatable baths have a soft bottom to ensure you can relax as long as you like in comfort. Some of the larger bathtubs can hold as much as 60 gallons of water, not too much less than a traditional bath.

Easy Setup

Easy to inflate, especially with an electric pump which is provided by many inflatables. Then simply fill up with water like a normal bath.


Unlike Inflatable Hot Tubs, these are spacious enough to be considered to be used in many more places. Also, easy to pack away for travelling.

Inflatable Bathtub
Relax in Style

Inflatable Bathtub – Recommended Products

Best Buy – Tubble Royale Inflatable Bath Tub

Our choice for anyone looking for an inflatable bathtub is this gem by Tubble. If it’s within your budget, this is an ideal choice if you don’t have a fixed bathtub and is suitable for adults and children.

Practical: You can relax anywhere and anytime with the Tubble Royale.

Comfortable: Persons up to a size of 6ft can comfortably fit in this bathtub. With a soft bottom and build with a high-quality PVC material, you can relax and enjoy it.

Fast Set up: With the included Electric air pump, you can be up and running in no time.

Best Portable Bath Tub – HIWENA Inflatable Portable Bathtub

With an inflatated size of 60 inches in length x 37 inches wide, this is the perfect portable bathtub.

  • Extra comfortable thanks to the included backrest, armrests and inflatable pillow.
  • Convenient Cup Holder
  • Fast Inflation and Drain

Best Toddlers Bathtub – Baby Inflatable Bathtub by Intime

Spacious and convenient, this bathtub for infacts is perfect for anyone with toddlers.

With its non-toxic PVC durable materials, this kids bathtub allows you to bath your baby anytime and anywhere.

Ensure comfort and stability with its textured bottom, preventing your young ones from slipping.

Includes convenient features such as a large drain for draining the water, and an hook to hang dry after use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions relating to Inflatable Bath Tubs.

Q: How do i drain it?

A: Probably the biggest challenge with portable bathtubs is figuring out where to drain it. Especially if using in a place where you wouldn’t normally use a bathtub. A drain pipe can be easily attached for draining when needed.

Q: What should i look for when buying?

A: It all depends on the user and purpose. If for a tall person, you are gonna want a blow up bath that is spacious to ensure comfort. Material wise, you want a strong PVC material which will ensure durability.


Inflatable bathtubs are ideal and depending on the situation can be a top addition to your household. Easy to use, easy maintenance, and great value for money.

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