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Giant Pool Floats and Islands – Large Scale Fun

If you have a lot of swimming pool space or you plan on taking regular trips to the lakes, giant pool floats can provide a lot of fun.

Did you know some giant pool floats can hold 6+ people? There will be no fighting over whos turn it is as you can simply all use them at once.

Note that some of these are huge, make sure you have space for them beforehand. If you are looking for something smaller, you can maybe check out our reviews of some swimming pool floats.

Best Giant Pool FloatBestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze III

This 8 person inflatable island has it all. Measuring an enormous 11ft 1 inch x 9ft 4 inch, this island comes with its own UV shade and connecting rafts.

Features also include:

  • Wide pillow backrests
  • 6 cupholders
  • Grab ropes for easy access on and off

It is super easy to inflate, with an average inflation time of around 20 minutes.

Giant Inflatable Mat

This giant mat by Intex measures an impressive 7 ft x 10 ft – enough to fit 3 adults (probably more). Not only that, but it can also be connected to other floats using the integrated connect N float connectors.

It is easily folded for storage so makes it perfect for a trip out, whether it be the beach or the lakes. The 2 inflatable air chambers give enough buoyancy to keep you afloat.

Giant Inflatable Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza? Even when its sitting in the middle of the lake containing 7 of your friends.

These inflatable pizza slices come in a pack of 8 and all can be connected as see above. When complete – the pizza measures an impressive 12 feet across.

Great for:

  • Relaxing and lounging in the sun
  • Pool Parties
  • Photography

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