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Coleman Saluspa – Inflatable Hot Tub Review 2020

It comes to no surprise that the Coleman Saluspa is the top-selling inflatable hot tub of 2020. The 6 people hot tub comes from a reputable brand and you can be ensured the build is of top quality. It is everything you want in a hot tub, at a portable size and inflated whenever needed.

Coleman, the company founded back in 1900 are now one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs. Not just hot tubs but a wide range of outdoor recreational products. You can be sure, when buying a Coleman product that its of the highest quality.


The Coleman saluspa hottub is easy to set up and can be set up indoors or outdoors. Be aware though of the added precautions if using indoors, as humidity is a natural side effect of the portable hot tub. Once positioned correctly, simply attach the provided hose and inflate it.

Check out the video below for full Coleman Saluspa setup.

How to setup Colman Saluspa


Size – Fully inflated, the hot tub measures in at a size of 77 inches x 28 inches and is suitable for up to 6 people.

Heating System – At the touch of a button, you have rapid heating and water filtration. The control panel allows you to change the temperature at any time. Initially slow to heat up which is one of the few cons of this and many hot tubs.

Fast Inflation – Inflated and ready to use within minutes.

Durable – TriTech thick material walls for added durability and comfort.

Value – Great value for money. For us this is the best inflatable hot tub under $1000


As long as you regularly clean and maintain the hot tub you shouldn’t have any problems. If you replace or rinse out the filters regularly, the water stays clean.

If you need saluspa filters or replacement parts, check Amazon or any other reputable website.

How to Drain Coleman Saluspa

If you want to know how to drain the Coleman saluspa, it’s rather simple. Filling the hot tub and draining are done just as easy, you can simply connect a garden hose and release the water. This can take around an hour depending on the water level. For more details, you can check the provided Coleman saluspu manual.

Pros and Cons

Hot Tub - Pros and Cons


  • Great Value for Money
  • Premium Quality Build
  • Remote for Easy temperature control


  • Heats up rather slowly
  • A bit on the noise side

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