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Best Inflatable Pool Toys – Our Top Picks of 2020

Now make your summers more enjoyable than before by having a whale of a time in the pool with your kids. Wondering how? With inflatable pool toys, of course! Today, you will find lots of sturdy and safe inflatable pool toys that only keep your kids entertained, but fit as well. If you just want to relax in the pool, maybe an inflatable pool float is more ideal.

Most of these inflatable toys for pools can be inflated and deflated easily, which makes it easy for you to carry. Manually inflating these should be enough but an electric pump is recommended if you will be using frequently. You and your kids can have a gala time in the pools with these toys. Say no to boredom as you get to play many water games with these toys. Here are some of the best inflatable pool toys that you can consider buying:

Inflatable Pool Toys – Fun for the Children

  1. Greenco Kids Colorful Inflatable Water Wheel Roller Float

With its heavy-duty construction made from PVC materials and an inbuilt repair patch for long life, this wheel roller float from Greenco is an absolute hit among kids. When inflated, this pool toy stretches up to 52” of outer diameter.

This makes it comfortable for kids aged more than 3 years. However, it is important for them to use this toy only under the supervision of adults. Greenco has made a name for itself for making high-quality and affordable products and home & outdoor use. Priced at just around $30, this inflatable pool toy is a must-buy, indeed!

  • Hoop Shark Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set with Ball

Are you looking for a perfect water pool toy that lets your kids enjoy pool games in no time at all? This inflatable basketball hoop set by Fun Knuckles is a great choice for you. Made from strong and durable material, this inflatable pool toy is great for kids and adults who enjoy competitive water sports and trick shots.

The bore valves of this toy are large enough for you to inflate and deflate easily. Within minutes, the basketball set is up and ready for your kids to start playing their favorite pool games. Priced at just around $34, this set is portable as well. The customer care of Fun Knuckles is available for you 24/7 to sort out any issues you might have, with this product.

This is a complete inflatable pool toy, which is perfect for adults and kids. It comes with a volleyball and basketball set to provide unlimited entertainment when you are in the pool. It comes with an inflatable volleyball court, 2 weight bags, inflatable basketball hoops, an inflatable volleyball, and an inflatable basketball. It is made from high-quality and durable raft material, thereby making it a great fit for adults and kids as well.

While the volleyball court comes in dimensions of 105x28x35, the basketball hoop comes in dimensions of 27x23x35 (all in inches). It is made from child-safe, non-toxic materials to keep you safe in the pool. Priced at just $40, this is a great toy for pool parties, carnivals, summer-themed parties and more.

  • Swimline Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy

This fire rescue-themed inflatable pool toy comes in an attractive red color. The best part of this toy is it has a water gun to put out the “fires,” which makes your kids feel special. This pool toy comes with a maximum weight capacity of 200lbs, thanks to which, this boat can support multiple riders, adding to the fun.

This fireboat is constructed using heavy-duty PVC materials; therefore, you can be assured of its longevity Priced at about $50, this one is designed to make your kids feel special while they enjoy pool games.

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