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Best Inflatable Pool Floats for Swimming Pools

Whether you want to just relax, have fun, or use inflatable pool floats for tanning, there’s a wide selection of floats available. From inflatable animals, unicorns, tubes, or if you have space – even an inflatable island.

If you are looking for something to relax beside the pool, check out our guide on Inflatable Loungers.

Editor Picks – Best Inflatable Pool Floats

1 – Unicorn Pool Float

This pool float by GoFloats is great value, and at a size of 45 inches wide – making it ideal for all swimmers. If you are after something similar for the children, the Unicorn part tube Jr is probably a better option.

The float also comes with a rapid valve, which should make inflating this a much simple task. Can be inflated using only your mouth but will take roughly 5 minutes to fully inflate.

Built to last a long time due to ultra durable vinyl, you are sure to not have many deflation issues.

2. Pool Floating Bed / Hammock

This pool floating bed is perfect for a swimming pool or even a lake and is so comfortable.

Inflation is so easy and does not require any pump. You can simply run straight against the wind and catch the air.

Made with an high quality, lightweight nylon material which makes this ideal to carry around in the carry bag its supplied with.

inflatable hammock

The bed comes in 11 colors and is ideal for Adults or Children. I tested this recently at the beach and it was very stable, even with moderate waves.

3 – Aqua 4 in 1 Monterey Hammock

This versatile pool float can switch between an hammock, drifter, chair and even a pool saddle. This is a great pool float for adults, especially tall people with it being 30% wider and taller than the original Monterey.

The seat part rests in the water making it very easy to jump on and off at anytime.

It has a weight capacity of 250lb and folds up easily in the supplied tote bag.

4 – Donut Pool Floats – Pack of 3

These inflatable pool floats measure 32.5 inches and are ideal for Adults or Children. The pack contains:

  • Strawberry Dream Donut Float
  • Chocolate Glaze Donut Float
  • Sparkle Mint Donut Float

The material is durable and high quality, with a center ring diameter of 15 inches.

inflatable donut

5 – Flamingo Pool Float

This huge inflatable flamingo is ideal for all swimmers and rated at an impressive 500 pounds.

Unlike traditional valves, this comes with new rapid valve inflation making it much easier than standard pool floats.

With its thick high-quality material and being from a reputable company, you can buy this in confidence and ensure you get your money’s worth.

Features to look out for when Purchasing

Easy Inflation / Assembly – If taking on vacation, you don’t want something that is gonna take ages to blow up. Look out for rapid inflation features.

Quality Material – No one wants the trouble of having to keep re inflating or repairing holes.

Comfort – You don’t want to relax and end up uncomfortable, design is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can i clean the pool floats?

A: If its out in the water for a long period of time, theres a chance it can become mouldy. On most occasions this can simply be rinsed but for ease at mind – you can you bleach but ensure all chemicals are removed before use.

Q: How do i deflate it quickly?

A: This is all dependant on the design, and we agree some are more awkward to deflate than others. Though you can usually just squeeze or roll up the material until all air is released.


Pool floats of all shapes and sizes can make time in the swimming pool more relaxing or enjoyable. If none of the highlighted suit your taste or you’re looking for something bigger, you can also check out our recommended giant pool floats.

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