10 Best Inflatable Costumes for Adults

Blow up, jump in and bounce around with one of many inflatable costumes on the market. Whether it’s for a party, stag do, or just for fun, it will for sure uplift the mood.

What are costumes Ideal for:

  • Parties or Events
  • Fancy Dress
  • Both men and Women

How do Inflatable Costumes work?

They are most usually inflated by the wearer, using a blower/fan that blows air into the costume. You can simply jump into the costume and turn on the fan to inflate.

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Our best inflatable costumes for Adults

1 – Inflatable Dragon

Whether it’s for Halloween or not, this huge 9ft inflatable costume is enough to impress anyone. Looking to win fancy dress this time around, then nothing beats a dragon right?

With a battery pack that lasts for hours, you will be sure to keep those around you amused for hours.

Dragon costume

  • Inflates within seconds
  • Built with premium waterproof polyester
  • Comfortable and not restrictive to the wearer

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2 – Inflatable Alien

It’s likely you will recognize the Alien costume which is highly recommended by many and hilarious. Its design gives the impression that the wearer is being carried.

Not only does this come in sizes for adults and children, its an affordable costume at a great price. I have one of these myself and they attract a lot of attention – for good reasons.

alien costumes
What’s not to like? An alien carrying man costume for Adults and Children.

This costume can be powered using batteries or by using a USB power pack. From our experience, new batteries can last up to hours for all day fun and games.

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3 – Inflatable Unicorn Costume

inflatable unicorn

Perfect for any occasion, this unicorn is a one size fits all full body costume and comes in three different colours.

  • Battery Pack Included with power pack functionality
  • Easy movement
  • 100% Fire Resistant Material (Polyester)

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4 – Inflatable Chicken Costume

inflatable chicken costume

This deluxe inflatable chicken costume is made with 100% Polyester and comes with a mask, faux fur suit with gloves, socks, and feet already attached.

It is 7ft tall and comes in 1 size

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5 – Inflatable Pikachu Costume

Number 5 is an inflatable pokemon costume and no other than the popular Pikachu. This “fat” Pikachu as you could call it is made to fit adults and will bring many laughs to parties or children’s events.

inflatable pikachu costume

The one downside to this is mobility as you can imagine, its probably not too easy to move around in if that bothers you.

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6 – Inflatable Ostrich Rider Costume

This fun bird themed outfit is suitable for all occasions and great for those with a sense of humour. Transform yourself into a full size Ostrich and charge down the streets.

Great for:

  • Parties or special occasions
  • Animal Lovers

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